Rolling Shutters


Percoter’s more than 30 years’ experience manufacturing PVC and aluminium rolling shutters means we can offer quality products made by experts, together with the best advice from our specialists.

The rolling shutters provide thermal insulation and efficient energy use, as well as being a sun protection item. By opening or closing them you can control the entry of heat or cold from outside, making it possible to save up to 5% on energy costs. They also have sound insulation functions, as they insulate from external noise, improving your quality of life.

Together with energy saving, this product offers active protection, restricting access into the home and providing high levels of privacy. If you wish to strengthen active protection there are even more secure solutions, such as extruded and self-locking shutters, offering greater resistance to manipulation from outside.

The different alternative colours, materials and finishes in the Percoter catalogue offer solutions for more attractive, original and dynamic facade designs. The different systems offered also make it possible to resolve the architect’s different needs.