persianas aluminio-r45
persianas aluminio-r45-tecnica


Thermal aluminium profile slat offering a high level of thermal and sound insulation thanks to its internal polyurethane filling. The slat can be made in high density for situations requiring a stronger construction. Its flat shape ensures a uniform look inside and outside the home.

Information sheet

Technical features

Weight m2

2,4 kg/m2

Maximum tested width

4,0 m

Maximum recommended width

3,3 m

Maximum recommended width (dark colours)

3,0 m

Area covered

45 mm

Nº of slats per metre

22,2 units

Factory length

4,5 to 8 m

Standard factory length

6 m

Standard packaging

330 m

Minimum roller axis

40 mm

Polyurethane density

75 kg/m3

Linear thermal expansion coefficient

25,5 µm/mK