persiana airluz 120


The Airluz-120 model is a movable screen designed for sun protection and control of the entry of water or wind, with slats allowing them to cover large areas, both horizontally and vertically.

They can be activated using manual mechanisms or motors, depending on the needs of each project. It is also available in pivot system (retractile pivot at the ends of the slats) or in grille system (an aluminium tube runs inside the slat, making the unit stronger).

Technical features

Slat weight

0.87 kg/ml

Slat depth

120 mm

Slat width

19.80 mm

Slat composition



Manual or motorised
(available in pivot or grille system)


40 x 40 mm frame for overlap

Wind resistance
In line with UNE-EN 13659:2016 standard

Class 6 = 112 Km/h